Siio is the Fashion brand of Sap-Kreations Ltd specialising in designing, manufacturing and retailing of women’s fashion using western and African themed fabrics in its contemporary classic styles.


We are a new female clothing brand based in Lanarkshire. We design, manufacture and retail Women’s fashion using a combination of fabrics made in the UK, our original designed and printed fabrics and selected fabrics from other sources to complement our range.

As a designer with African and British cultures, the unique characteristics can be seen throughout the range

We are building a line of clothing that can be worn at anytime incorporating  colour, style and culture.

Siio is based in Lanarkshire so we design and produce locally but looking to distribute and sell worldwide.

We are also connecting with customers who want a more personal approach to their wardrobe with consultation for bespoke services.

It is our intension to contribute to the local economy by being an employer of local labour as much as we can.

Siio supports the Funding Neuro Charity who’s focus is on making sure that the most promising research in neuroscience makes it out of the lab and to the patient.